Our Philosophy

Mandy & Susan have more than 20 years experience between them, providing a professional massage services throughout the Sydney area. Both being client focused, Mandy & Susan understand the importance of providing a professional service for every individual customer and after seeing Pink Lotus Massage for sale, they could already visualize what they want to achieve and knew what is required to transform the shop into something special for both old and new customers to experience.
So at the beginning of March, 2019 they purchased the shop in West Ryde.

The name "Pink Lotus Massage", felt like a sign to them.

"The Pink Lotus rises from the mud each morning to bloom as beautiful as the day before, clean and unaffected by its muddy sanctuary"

The pink lotus symbolizes rebirth, purity, revival and enlightenment and after weeks of improvement, the Pink Lotus Massage shop was also reborn. The shop transformed into a place that ensures their customers, both old and new, will enjoy the overall relaxing experience. Beginning from when you walk through the door to when you exit, leaving you feeling happy and rejuvenated! We intend for every one of the Professional Massage Girls working for us to also have the same philosophy and approach to their work. 

Each session is tailored to the specific needs of the client. We listen to what you have to say so we can provide the most relaxed experience you could possible have. Our qualified massage girls will most certainly provide what you need including foot massage, body massage, oil massage and many more options.We strive to achieve the same, satisfying massage every time, leaving you wanting to return for another relaxing and joyful experience! 

Call Mandy or Susan on 0468 869 611 to arrange an appointment for one of the team
to look after you and provide you with a professional massage that will put you into a blissful state!

Your body will thank you after!